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(From above: Celine, Prada, Ray Ban, Dior.)

Now finally we are going to have the best season of the year in Sweden, with lots of sunshine. So today I'm sharing (a piece of) my sunglasses collections here!

You might have recognized that I use Celine sunglasses quite often in my outfits. The model is called Audrey and they have a simple and classical style well suited to almost any outfit I create.

The Ray Ban sunglasses are the new ones to my collection. I've been wanting this classic for a while now. I even bought one for my fiancé as well, so now we can have matching sunglasses during the summer <3

I can recommend the Swedish Optician Synsam, who's having a huge sunglasses sale right now if you are looking for a perfect pair for this summer as well!



Ray Banは結構最近買ったんだけど、クラシックなラウンドのモデルがずっとほしかったの。この夏に自分にとフィアンセにおそろで買っちゃった♡スウェーデンのメガネ屋さんのSynsamでは今サングラスのセールをしてるから、この夏サングラス探してる人は要チェック!

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