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Elisabeth Arden
I have used Lush products before, though recently I've been using skin products I brought from Japan exclusively. But now it was time to buy new ones. So I went back to Lush once again. I love their skin products. Herbalism is a facial wash with many different herbs giving it a fresh feeling while moisturizing the skin. Eau Roma Water is a toner with rose and lavender water. I really love the natural smell of flowers. They both go along very well with my skin type.

The others are products by Elizabeth Arden. I started using their lip balm when I moved to Sweden. (I made a blog post about it before: LIP BALM . On my cruise I bought their travel kit which was worth trying out since it contains many of their other products, and I already am in love their lip balm.

前にもLushの商品を使ってたんだけど、最近は日本から買ってきたスキンケアの商品を使ってて、なくなったから新しいのを買わなきゃいけなくて。そしてまたまたLushに戻りました笑 Lushは大好きで特に洗顔Herbalismがお気に入り。たくさんのハーブでできててすごくフレッシュだし、潤いも保ちながら洗顔できるの。化粧水はEau Roma Waterを使っててバラとラベンダーのほのかな香りがお気に入り。この2つは私の肌にすごく合うの。

他のはElizabeth Ardenから。リップバームはスウェーデンに来た時だいぶ前から愛用してるんだけど(前にブログにも紹介済→ LIP BALM)、この間のクルーズ旅行に行った時にトラベルキットを買ってみたの。Elizabeth Ardenのいろんな商品がいろいろ試せるし、リップバームがすごく気に入ってるからいいかなと思って。

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