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(T-shirt: Calvin Klein, Jeans: Zara, Bag: House Of Dagmar, Sneakers: Nike, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Watch: Knot)

A outfit from the weekend. It was really warm and nice weather in Stockholm. I went for a very simple and casual all-black outfit. I should have taken a picture of my fiancé, because we'd chosen matching looks that day <3

Btw. I took a week off this week to study for exams. Oh yes, I've almost forgotten that I'm an university student as well besides my almost full-time job. After the exams comes the summer holiday, where I'll be free from my university studies. But even then I'll still have to do preparatory work for my thesis during the summer, though I'll have a bit more free time. Hopefully I can just take a chill from my it-has-been-too-busy-days and enjoy the summer weather and have some times with my fiancé and friends <3





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