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Hey guys!
My weekend (yes, I had last weekend off) was filled with many events and I don't know where to begin. Haha! But a good place to start as any is on Saturday,  so I will write about the culture night (called Kulturnatt in Swedish).

I had a date with my fiancé and we had some fika and dinner, and then attended the Culture Night in the evening. This event is held by Stockholm Municipality twice a year and many museums are open the whole night. They also hold many special exhibitions for the event. Each time I try to go to as many places as possible but it usually ended in failure. It usually ended with me just skimming through a lot of stuff and not really getting to delve deeper into anything. Because many places have really interesting events going on, I wanted to see as much as possible. This time I decided to go for only one place. We went only to the Nordic Museum (Nordiska museet in Swedish) and we spent our whole night there.

Hej hej!
週末は(そう、今週末は仕事休みだったの)たくさんのイベントがあってどっから初めていいかわかんないくらい笑 でも1つずつ、まずは土曜日から。カルチャーナイトっていうイベントについて書くね。


They were having exhibitions about Nordic light and its special properties, and the events covered everything from the northern lights to the cultural effects of light for everyday life in Sweden, and how it's been changing the last hundreds of years. It was also a very beautiful light setting in the hall as you can see in the pictures.

The special events were split up between light shows with dance performers and guide tours and so on. Between all those events we also looked around in the museum with the available audio guide. I'm very satisfied and happy that we decided to delve deeper here during the whole culture event and, as such, managed to experience many interesting things!



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