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On board!

Bye bye Stockholm for a short while.


Main Dish

My love <3



The next Morning

Somewhere in the ocean

Lunch Time!

Fiskgryta - the Swedish fish soup


When we've got engaged and went to the Wedding Expo (Bröllopsmässan in Swedish) in February, we got two free cruise tickets from the expo since it was sponsored by Birka Cruises. We chose last weekend for our trip, and spent Valborg on a romantic cruise.

We began with a full dinner course that night, as soon as we'd stepped aboard the ship. It turned out to be way better food than we'd expected. We had a toast with some champagne and cider to commemorate the trip before we started to eat. After having finished the delicious appetiser and main dish, we enjoyed our dessert with a big cup of tea.

After dinner we went for a tour of the ship. And so walked around and ended up on the deck to enjoy the view of the sunset.

It was then time for some shopping at the duty free shop! We bought got some bottles of wines and for me some cosmetics.

We ended the day with some karaoke in the bar. I'm really shy to sing in front of a crowd, even if I love singing. I said a firm "No" to my boyfriends suggestions. Then my fiancé booked my favourite song by Ed Sheeran, an artist I love. He stepped up to the stage and started to sing. Then in the middle part of the song he looked unsure and stopped singing. I couldn't just watch him standing there without singing so I ran onto the stage and started singing along with him, then the staff handed me an extra microphone. After we finished my fiancé just whispered that it was all part of his plan, to make me step up on a stage. Well, I should say it was fun to sing with him and I would never have been brave enough to step up on the stage by myself. Until he kind of forced me to anyway. So I'm supposed to thank him, I guess? <3

The first day went by so fast. The next morning we woke up and went for another shopping spree. Then we sat  in the sun and listened to a piano performance.

And then it was time for lunch! We had Swedish fish soup and some garlic bread. I love seafood <3

After lunch we packed our baggage and went to watch the small guitar concert in the café. Having one last fika on the cruise while listening to and singing along with songs was a really nice end for the trip.

I've never traveled with Birka Cruise before(I've done so a couple of times with both Viking Line and Silja Line though), but I have to say that Birka Cruise was the best cruise I've had so far. I'm definitely going to cruise with them again in the near future!

2月に婚約したとき、ウェディングエキスポ(Bröllopsmässan)に行ったんだけど、そのときBirka Cruiseさんがそのイベントのスポンサーでクルーズのチケットをもらったの。先週末のヴァルプルギスの夜(Valborg)から次の日のメーデーまでロマンチックなクルーズの旅に行ったよ!




そして最後はカラオケ。大勢の知らない人の前で歌うのは恥ずかしいから歌わない〜って言ってたのに。そしたら彼が私の好きなアーティストEd Sheeranの好きな曲を入れたの。彼はステージに上がってって歌い始めたんだけど途中で止まって、心配になってステージに駆け寄って隣で歌ったら、スタッフの方がもう1つマイクを渡してくれて最終的に一緒に歌うことに。歌い終わったあと「計画通り♡」ってささやく彼。まあ実際一緒に歌ったのは楽しかったし、そもそも自分から恥ずかしくて歌おうと思わなかったから、こうされなかったら今回の楽しさは経験できてないよね〜だから感謝すべきかな?♡




Birka Cruiseで今までクルーズしたことなかったけど(前に何回かViking LineとSilja Lineは使ったことあったけど)、正直言っちゃうと今までの中で1番いいクルージングだった!また絶対同じの会社でクルーズしたいなあ!



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