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Sill and Absolut Vodka



My <3

After 5 days of boat life I finally came home. For Midsummer we visited an uninhabited island outside of Stockholm with my fiancés parents. It was a really small island, surrounded by nature, which turned midsummer into an amazing experience <3 The boat club that my fiancés parents are members of had their midsummer party there.

Our daily lives on the boat was just variations to the pattern EAT, FIKA, SLEEP, EAT, FIKA, DRINK... for the most our time spent onboard, haha. I think I haven't had these kinds of days of chilling for a long time, and I really mean a LONG TIME. Lately I haven't slept well because I was working like crazy this last year, and I've had thousands of stuff to do besides work as well. So these days were kind of the time-out I needed.

It was nice meeting people at the Midsummer party, some who I already knew and some for the first time. We danced around the Maypole (Midsommarstången) and had different types of activities, like games and so on. There was BBQ for the dinner and lots of drinking of course! It was the best midsummer I've spent during these 6 years I've been in Sweden. Thanks to all people who were involved in making these amazing memories <3


ここでの生活は基本、食べる、フィーカ、寝る、食べる、フィーカ、寝るの繰り返し。笑 こんなにゆっくりした日っていつぶりだろう、もうほんとに遠い昔のこと。最近はあんまり寝る暇もなくずっと働いて、それ以外にもやることがいっぱいあったから常に何かに追われてたから、こんな休憩が必要だったのかなって思う。

ミッドサマーではもうすでに知ってる人も初めて会う人もいて、とっても楽しかった♡ メイポールの周りで踊って、ゲームとかいろんなアクティビティもしたよ。ディナーにはBBQをしてもちろんお酒も忘れずに!この6年間スウェーデンに移住した今までのミッドサマーで一番楽しかった!みんな一緒に思い出を作ってくれた人もありがとう♡

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