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Hello again guys!

I was bit too embarrassed to announce that I would appear in a Japanese TV show (called Sekai no Nipponjinzuma wa Mita!), and I didn't even tell my friends about it until after the fact... It aired yesterday, and surprisingly I've gotten so many comments, messages, videos and photos from both friends and strangers. Thanks to all of you who reached out to me after seeing me on the show! I myself just saw it today. I still feel embarrassed from seeing myself on TV, but since many of you already know about it, I can make it clear on my blog as well. Yes, it was me and my fiancé you saw on the TV last night. Hahaha!

I'll post a video link I've found on Youtube, so if you've missed it I did you can watch there!

Anyway thank you for all your support and I hope you've gotten to know me better!

P.S. I'm thinking post about the roof tour which was showed on TV here on my blog as well. I have some pictures from the day so I hope you look forward to it!


ちょっと恥ずかしくて日本のテレビ番組、世界の日本人妻は見たに出ることをここでも、友達にも言ってなかったの笑 でも昨日の放送後、たくさんのコメントやメッセージ、ビデオや写真が友達からはもちろん、テレビを見て知ってくれた人からもきてとっても嬉しかった!私自身、今日見たばっかりなんだけど、やっぱりまだ自分をテレビで見るのが恥ずかしい笑 でももうたくさんの人が見たのでクリアにしときます、はい、テレビに映ってたのは私と私のフィアンセです!笑




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