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If you missed my fiancés birthday celebration, you can follow here:
1. Birthday Breakfast
2. Gamla Orangeriet

For the last part of our birthday date we went to Bergianska Trädgården (Bergian Garden), which is located close to Gamla Orangeriet where we ate lunch. We visited the green house called Edvard Andersons växthus. They had differently themed parts in the green house, and the themes were palm trees, ferns, South Africa, California etc. It felted like we traveled through different parts of the world when walking through the green house <3

Right now I'm sitting in sailing boat, riding towards our next adventure! I'll give an update about this adventure later, but I'll tell you that tomorrow we're going to celebrate midsummer here outside of Stockholm.

1. Birthday Breakfast
2. Gamla Orangeriet

この日の最後はBergianska Trädgården(ベルギアンスカ植物園)に行ったよ。ランチを食べたGamla Orangerietのすぐ近くにあるの。私たちが入ったのはEdvard Andersons växthusっていうグリーンハウス。中はいろんなテーマにわかれてて、ヤシの木、シダ植物、南アフリカ、カルフォルニアとか色々あって、中を回ってみるだけでいろんなとこに旅行した気分になっちゃった♡


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