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Homei- peel off gel

I've been doing the same nails over and over again for a month now! Haha!
I've been obsessed with simple nails recently. I used to like nail designs with a lot of small details when I was younger (ok, I'm still young but I mean during my teens), but now the single colored nail is all the rage.

I used peel off gel nails from Homei (I bought them in Japan a long time ago). This doesn't need a nail remover and dries quickly with a LED-light. The only disadvantage is that it's a bit too easy to remove the nails, and they might fall off sometimes if I'm not enough careful. It lasts better if I have a base coat underneath the gel nails. But unfortunately it is not easy to keep beautiful nails when working in boutique as sales assistant like me... So any tips on how I can make my nails last longer?

I'm going to buy more colors and a new LED-light that seems to be better on reviews, next time I'm in Japan. Peel off gel nails are one of the easiest way to keep my nails looking good, without damaging the nail like some other nail polishes do.





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