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(Cap: Acne Studios, Coat: Max Mara, Jeans: Acne Studios, Top: Secondhand, Sneakers: Nike, Scarf: Samsoe & Samsoe, Watch: Tid, Bag: Kate Spade Saturday)

Hello! It's been a while since my previous blog post. I have been too busy to post anything, and as I mentioned previously I've had BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) which have made it hard for me to focus on anything lately. I've since recovered, but I was forced to take a week off from work because of it. Anyway now I work as I usually would while also writing my on my bachelors thesis, either on my days off or in the evening after work. So yeah, super super crazy busy now. But I'll just work hard until the end of January, when my thesis will be handed in. Apart from work and school I'm managing to enjoy my life by meeting with some friends regularly and so on.

I'm having a hard time right now shooting outfits since the hours with daylight is getting very limited,  like this shooting where the sunset around 15:00... And the days are getting even shorter as we get closer to Christmas. Omg, I'm starting to feel the Swedish winter for real!

Anyway here is one of the looks from this weekend. I love the iconic knitted cap from Acne Studios. I'm very dependent on having warm caps during winter since I'm very sensitive to temperature changes. If I don't protect my head I can even get migraine attacks. But now this cute cap is with me throughout the winter! I've also bought one in another color so I can mix and match to different outfits and also enjoy a matching look with my fiancé <3



そんなこんなですが、週末のルックをここで紹介。 私の勤め先Acne Studiosのアイコニックな帽子をこの日は被ったよ〜冬は帽子が手放せない私。外気の寒さと室内の温度の激しい変化に敏感ですぐに偏頭痛の原因になってしまうから、帽子が必需品。でもこのかわいい帽子がこの冬味方だから心強い。もう1つ違う色でも買っちゃった。いろんなアウトフィットに合わせれるようにとフィアンセとおそろで着るために♡

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