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Japanese cherry blossoms in Kungsträdgården

Fika time!

Konditoriet in Sturegallerian

Dinner at Därmedpasta

I finally have some time off from work, so I went on a romantic date with my fiancé.
We took a walk to Kungsträdgården to see the Japanese cherry blossoms and then we went to a café at Stureplan for a fika. Since it was such a cold day (it was even snowing for a while), we were really in dire need for some hot coffee and tea by then. Then we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner before the cinema, the actual goal of the date. We went to watch the Japanese movie "Your Name" that night. It ended with me crying even before the movie was over. Haha! I mean, the movie was REALLY good. I've never been a fan of anime movies but this one was so great that I want to see it again! The music was also a great match to the story and it added a great atmosphere to the whole movie.  The movie has already premiered in many countries but in Sweden it just started. If you haven't seen it yet I strongly recommend you to do so!

Oops, I was supposed to write about my date, but it ended up being becoming a movie review, haha!

やっと仕事からちょっと長めの休みができたからフィアンセとロマンチックなデートに行ってきました!Kungsträdgården(王立公園)まで散歩して桜を楽しんだ後はStureplanのカフェでフィーカ。この日は寒くて(ちょっと雪も降ったり)暖かい飲み物が本当に必要だった。今日のデートのメイン、映画の前にイタリアンレストランでディナー。この日はずっと見たかった「君の名は。」を見に行ったよ。終わった頃には私は泣きすぎて大変だった笑 映画は本当に良くて、アニメの映画は今まで特にいいなと思ったことはなかった私でもこの映画はまた見たいって思うくらい。音楽もストーリーにめっちゃあってて映画全体の雰囲気もうまくそれでまとめられててすっごく良かった。「君の名は。」は前からいろんな国で公開されてるみたいだけど、スウェーデンはまだ公開して間もないから、まだ見たことなかった人がいたらオススメです!



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