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Steninge Castle

Easter dinner

Hi guys! I hope your Easter was great. Mine was really nice, I actually had some days off. I've been working like crazy ever since I came back from Paris. I've been working like 6 days a week... So I've really not had any private time at all. But during Easter I had some time off from my work and I could finally relax, work out at the gym and go on a date with my fiancé. And also meeting his family over the weekend and so on. It was great, and something I think I really needed!

On Thursday I went on a date with my fiancé as I've posted on my blog before (if you have missed it: DATE AT THE MOVIES).

Friday was a day for relaxing, but I also had to cram some study time in there (unfortunately, I usually never have time for that otherwise).

During Saturday, I and my fiancé went to his parents place for dinner and stayed there for the night. We took a walk around Steninge Castle before dinner, since it was nice weather that day (you see the pictures above).

The following day, we went to my his relatives for dinner. I actually saw many new faces there, with some relatives which even my fiancés family hadn't met before. I was a bit nervous to meet new people but they were all really kind so I had really fun. After that me and my fiancé studied until the middle of the night... (Oh, poor student life. Haha!)

Monday was the last day of my Easter holiday. I went for a work out at the gym in the morning, and I felt like I really needed it after eating so much all the time during these days, with Easter dinners and candies.
Then I had yet another family get-together. We ate dinner and talked and talked and talked... I had a great time.

And on Tuesday... On Tuesday, I went back to my usual routine and started working again. Time flies so fast, especially when you're having fun. I won't really be having any time off until the end of the month (well, except the one day a week minimum), so the crazily busy life continues... Well I'll not complaining about it, I love my job and I need to save up money too so... A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.


木曜日はこのあいだブログにも書いたけどフィアンセとデート。(もし読んでなかったら→DATE AT THE MOVIES


土曜日はフィアンセと彼の実家にいってディナーを食べてお泊まり。ディナーの前にSteninge Slottの周りを散歩。いいてんきだったから気持ちよかった!(上の写真)




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