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My shopping lately. I've been buying only Acne Studios stuff ever since I started working there. And by the way their jeans are amazing!

This whole month I've had so many things to do for school, and at the same time working 30 hours a week. Time flies so fast, I felt as if this October month passed by in a few second.

I'm constantly tired right now and really felt like I needed some new items to enjoy (I should maybe say "to survive") this Autumn and upcoming Winter. It is getting so grey and dark now. I've realised that tomorrow from tomorrow on it's Winter time. November's become my most disliked month in the year ever since I moved to Sweden. And the Swedish winter is so depressing!

Well, I guess time will keep flying like crazy fast for me during my thesis work. It'll be done by Januari, so I guess I'll have to keep up my tempo until then.

最近のショッピング。Acne Studiosで働き始めてからずっとここでしか買い物してない。ジーンズが特にお気に入り!




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