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Even though I have no need for more swimwear I love collecting them. I usually buy at least one every year, and this summer I've already bought one!
I fell in love with this bikini top from the cover of the latest issue of the Swedish fashion magazine Damernas värld  The bikini is from the Swedish fashion brand Bik Bok.  I hadn't checked their shop for a quite a while, but I hurried over to buy the swimwear <3
I've noticed that I'm really into frills, off-shoulders and red color this summer, and the bikini is made out of all of these! There was no doubt of me getting it.

Lolita bikini top
- Tyra bikini bottoms

スウェーデンのファッション雑誌Damernas världの表紙にも飾られているこのビキニトップ、スウェーデンのファーストファッションブランドのBik Bokのものなの。しばらくお店をチェックしてなかったけど、もうこれが欲しくてこれを見た同じ日に買いに行っちゃった笑 今年の夏はフリル、オフショルダーに赤色がお気に入りらしい自分。このビキニはその全部が詰め込まれた感じ!もちろんおさえとかないと!

Lolita bikini top

Tyra bikini bottoms



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