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Happy Birthday Girl


Sweets <3

Dessert time!

My handsome <3

Yesterday was my 26th birthday! I feel really old now... Can you imagine that I was still just a teenager when I moved to Sweden?

Anyway, my birthday started with a brunch buffet at Berns Asiatiska. I've been curious about this popular place for like 4 years but never had a chance to eat here before. Starting with a toast of Bellini!

Their buffet consisted of a Asian-fusion mix (Thai, Chinese, Japanese). I had higher expectation for their food at this price, 395 SEK. The food were kind of Swedenized or westernized in a way that made me feel a bit unsatisfied, even when I'd eaten as much as I could. Though their sweets were really delicious, and they have many different kinds as well. I'd gotten food coma in the end after lots of foods and sitting in the nice warm weather outside. haha

The place is filled with an exclusive atmosphere. We sat outside to enjoy the Swedish summer weather, and also to be surrounded by lots of flowers and plants. And the Berzelii park is just in front of their terrace as well . Inside the building is really beautiful in a historical kind of way. We could have chosen to sit inside because of the beautiful interior, but it was too clowded with people inside for our taste. Since they only had shared tables to offer at the time we chose to sit outside.

After the brunch we took a small walk around the park and then went shopping, as I'd requested of my escort. It was Sunday so we didn't have much time for shopping since almost every shop closes at 17:00... Ended up doing a smaller amount of shopping.

I could fully enjoy the day. Thanks for all the birthday wishes too!


それはそうと、誕生日はBerns Asiatiskaでのブランチビュッフェで始まったよ〜ここはストックホルムでは人気のレストランで4年前くらいからずっと気になってたけど実は行ったことがなかったの。Belliniのシャンパンカクテルの乾杯でスタート!

ビュッフェの内容はタイ、中国、日本料理が混ざったアジアフュージョンミックスな食べ物で395 SEKの値段だからそれなりに期待が大きかったんだけど、なんだか西洋、スウェーデンに合わせた感じの味でちょっとがっかり。でもスイーツはめっちゃ美味しくて、種類も豊富でいい感じ。食べ過ぎと、外のポカポカした天気ですっかりフードコーマになって眠くなっちゃった!笑

このレストランの素敵なところは何と言っても豪華な雰囲気が漂ってるの。私たちは天気が良かったからこの日は外のテラスの席に座ったけど、そこも緑や花が近くていい感じ。Berzelii park(公園)も目の前にあるし。中の席も歴史的にすっごく綺麗なの。本当は中でもいいかなと思ったんだけど、混んでて、相席になるって言われたから外の2人だけで座れる席がいいなと思って結局外にしたよ。



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