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I’m engaged! Last weekend was the 6th year anniversary of me moving to Sweden. Me and my boyfriend were celebrating by going on a date, and then had dinner at a French restaurant in the evening. By chance we ended up at a raised podium by the window. After we had eaten, my boyfriend took out a letter and wanted to read it to me (a Japanese tradition). I was a bit surprised, but agreed to listen. In the letter he described how happy he was that I’d moved to Sweden all those years ago, and how thankful he was to have met me. How grateful he was of the experiences, both good and bad, that we’d had together.

It was the first letter he’d ever written to me. After he’d read it, he asked me if I wanted to stay with him forever. And not suspecting anything I answered offhandedly "Yes, of course I want to!”. “Then” he said, pulling out a small box onto the table.
"Will you marry me?”
and with that he opened it up showing a golden ring.
I was shocked and couldn’t grasp that what was happening was real. And suddenly the tears just wouldn’t stop flowing. I asked him if this was really happening, and he confirmed it and repeated the question. The Question. And so I replied through my tears!
I was so touched and just couldn't stop crying, so I couldn't get a good look at the ring during the first 15 minutes. Haha! I wasn't expecting his proposal at all that day since we’d talked about getting married after graduation when we both had found a full-time job. But he’d been saving up money for this in secret.  I feel like I'm the happiest girl right now! Thank you all for your support!


なんだかんだ初めてもらったお手紙。笑 読み終わったあとに僕とずっと一緒にいたい?って言われて、いや、何言ってんの、もちろん!って笑いながら返したら、じゃあとか言いながら小さな箱を取り出されて
唐突すぎてびっくりして正直最初は何がなんだかわかんなかった。笑 でももう涙が止まらなくて、何回もほんまに?って聞き返したくらい笑 私の答えはもちろん
もう感動しすぎてなかなか涙が止まらなかったから最初の15分どんな指輪か全然見れなかったくらい笑 結婚はお互い大学、大学院卒業して、フルタイムの仕事をもらった時って話してたから実はこの日プロポーズされるなんて本当に全く思ってもなかった。でもこのために内緒でお金をコツコツ貯めていてくれたらしい。本当に1番幸せな気分!周りのみんなのサポートもありがとう!

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