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How often can my family gather when I'm living abroad?
It's so nice to spend time with them after more than a year apart. We went to a restaurant which is quite famous for its soba in this area today.  I was so satisfied with all the delicious food they brought in, and even fresh fish directly from the harbour.

These last two days we've been sitting inside because of a typhoon that were passing by. But since the weather cleared up this morning we took some time jogging by the river, and ran a whole 5 km and then did some working out at home. All since we'd been kept inside by the weather for so long!haha Then we went to a hot spring for some relaxation before the family dinner. Tomorrow we're going to drive to a really nice, hidden beach, and I'm so looking forward to it <3 I'll keep my update here!


ここ2日は台風の影響でずっと室内にいたけど、今日の朝台風はいっちゃったから川沿いを5kmジョギングして、お家でワークアウトをしたよ。天候のせいでずっと室内にこもってたからね!笑 ディナーの前に温泉に行って疲れを癒しました〜明日はキレイな隠れ家的なビーチにドライブに行く予定だから楽しみ♡また更新しま〜す!

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